Carbon Dioxide Removal - A Call to Action

Welcome to the Carbon Dioxide Removal – A Call to Action website. 

The Maryland Energy Innovation Institute wants to help move your CDR technologies to market via federal funding opportunities and the new $100M CDR XPRIZE funded by Elon Musk. Here are two events to help us get organized:

Event 1:  AMaryland Energy Innovation Earth Day Event that includes speakers from XPRIZE and DOE, plus faculty and students working on CDR technologies.

Meeting Recording


  • Lynn Brickett, Senior Program Manager for Carbon Capture (DOE)
  • Michael Leitch, Technical Director, CDR XPRIZE
  • Faculty Presentations: Paul Albertus (UMCP), Chao Wang (JHU), Ning Zeng (UMCP)

Event 2: XPRIZE CDR Prize Collaboration event. Join Maryland companies, researchers, faculty and students to form teams that will pursue the XPRIZE.  The XPRIZE is looking for technologies that capture and store carbon as well as technologies that can measure and verify the claimed carbon stored.  Learn more about the XPRIZE here.  This event will include detailed discussion of the contest rules, advice from experts on winning the prize, and breakout sessions to facilitate team formation.

In order to be invited to Event 2, please take a moment to fill out our survey no later than April 30, 2021.  This event is invitation only and will be held in mid to late May.

Additional background reading:  The IPCC report.  National Academy of Sciences Report.  Carbon Dioxide Primer.  EFI’s Frontiers of CDR.