Office of Advanced Engineering (OAEE) - The Office of Advanced Engineering Education is the mechanism through which the Clark School offers graduate engineering programs for working engineers and technical professionals.

Sustainability Studies Minor - The Sustainability Studies Minor provides University of Maryland students the opportunity to explore pressing environmental topics such as global food systems, renewable energy, emerging environmental threats, ecological design thinking, and much more.

Full course listing 

Energy Related Courses (see testudo for descriptions)

  • AREC456 - Energy and Environmental Economics
  • ENST405 - Energy and Environment
  • ENST415 - Renewable Energy
  • CHBE451 - Photovoltaics: Solar Energy
  • CHBE301 - Thermodynamics I
  • CHBE486 - Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications
  • CHBE686 - Advanced Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications
  • ENCE215 - Engineering for Sustainability
  • ENCE310 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • ENCE411 - Environmental Engineering Science
  • ENEE476 - Renewable Energy
  • ENES181 - Engineering and the Grand Challenges
  • ENES467 - Engineering for Social Change
  • ENES672 - Launching Technology Startup Ventures
  • ENME423 - Modern Climate Control and Building Energy Design/Analysis
  • ENME436 - Renewable Energy
  • ENME489X - Special Topics: Energy Conversion Systems 
  • ENME701 - Sustainable Energy Conversion and the Environment
  • PHY105 - A Global Challenge: Energy and Climate Change
  • PLSC425 - Green Roofs and Urban Sustainabililty