Sponsored Activities and Outside Engagement

Sustainability does not happen by chance. It must be engineered.

That’s why, each year on or near Earth Day in April, faculty and students from the University, interested people from other schools, and guests from industry and government are invited to come together for the MEI2 Engineering Sustainability Workshop.
The goal is to present and propose ways to maximize technology's positive impact on the long-term availability of natural resources, and to minimize its negative impact. The event offers presentations from University of Maryland faculty, students, and recent MEI2 Energy Seed grant recipients. This is a campus wide event to educate all on what entrepreneurial and innovative technologies are being created. 
Previous workshops include:
  • 2009: Energy
  • 2010: Water
  • 2011: Energy
  • 2012: Solar Energy
  • 2013: Energy-Water Nexus
  • 2015: Engineering Grid Resiliency for a Changing Climate
  • 2017: Energy Storage
  • 2018: Energy Innovation
  • 2019: Toward zero emissions and beyond
  • 2021: Energy Innovation for a Sustainable Society
  • 2023: Powering a Greener Future

The Maryland Energy Innovation Institute (MEI2) held a student video contest in honor of Earth Day 2021. Undergraduate and graduate students were encouraged to consider potential solutions utilizing clean energy technology, energy efficiency, energy storage, emission reduction, job production and other multi-disciplinary innovative approaches towards long-term sustainability in their video submissions. Eligibility was open to individual and teams of current students. To see all videos, subscribe to the MEIYouTube channel.

First place: Batteries for a Better Future

Engineering Sustainability Day 2019 focused on innovative energy technologies to reduce greenhouse has emissions and even produce "negative" emissions. (left) Paul Spies, director of the Energy program at the Maryland Department of Commerce discusses commercial development and activities within the state that are engaged in clean energy deployment. (center) Graduate students competed in a student poster contest discussing their innovative clean energy technologies. Mei Wang, Chemical and Biomolcular Engineering, received the top award. (right)