1. A High Capacity Thermal Energy Storage for Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling
  2. Ammonia Encapsulated in Hydrogels for Carbon Sequestration
  3. An Encapsulated Electrode for EHD Application
  4. Atomic Layer Deposition for Metal Anode Passivation
  5. Atomic Layer Deposition Modifications for All Solid State Metal Ion Batteries
  6. Axial Piston Compressor
  7. Capillary Fed Evaporator
  8. Cascade Vapor Compression and Absorption Cycles Improve Building Air Conditioning
  9. CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
  10. Compact Biomechanical Energy Harvester as a Battery Replacement
  11. Continuously Graded Thin Films for Functionally Broadband Device Arrays
  12. Efficient Sulfur and Energy Recovery With Novel Isothermal Thermal Flame Reactor
  13. Graphene Oxide Water Separation Membranes for Water Purification
  14. Health Monitoring of Energy Storage Device
  15. Heating Performance Improvement of Heatpump System
  16. Heteroaggregate Nanoparticles for Heterogeneous Catalysis
  17. High Efficiency Photovoltaics Through Engineering Spontaneous Emission
  18. High Surface Area Nanostructured Polyimide
  19. High Surface Area Oxide Powders by Coprecipitation
  20. High Voltage Chlorine Doped Cathode
  21. High-powered Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
  22. Hybrid Frequency-Adaptive Vibration Energy Harvester
  23. Hybrid Plate Heat Exchanger
  24. Improving Smartphone Battery Life with Cooperative Relaying on LTE Networks
  25. Integrated air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger and impeller
  26. Integrated Reformer/Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Combustor for Portable Power
  27. Ion Intercalated Transparent Electrodes
  28. Lateral Two-Terminal Nanotube Devices and Method for their Formation
  29. Low Temperature Synthesis of Faceted Aluminum Nanocrystals

  30. Low-Temperature Aqueous Pattering of Soft Materials

  31. Micro-Fluidic Pumping

  32. Multifunctional Energy Harvesting Skin

  33. Multifunctional Variable Refrigerant Flow System with a Thermal Energy Storage

  34. Multiple-Electron Aqueous Battery (2015)

  35. Multiple-Electron Aqueous Battery (2016)

  36. Nano Arrays For Energy Storage

  37. Nanolithography with Nanowire Arrays

  38. Nanopore Battery

  39. Novel Membrane and Catalysts for Portable Alkaline Fuel Cells

  40. Novel Polymer Solid Electrolyte for Flexible Batteries

  41. Novel Vapor Compression Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems

  42. Novel Working Pairs for Refrigeration and Heat Pumps

  43. On-Board Electric/Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Universal Plug-in Charger with Active Power Filtering

  44. Personal Robotic Air-conditioning Device

  45. Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Using Surface Acoustic Waves in Piezoelectric Semiconductors

  46. Piezoelectric Paint Sensor

  47. Polymeric Nanoscale Solid-State Battery

  48. PtRu Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Heterogeneous Catalysis

  49. Relative Cooling with Liquid for Gas Turbine Rotors and Blades

  50. Roll-Bonded Heat Exchangers for Low Temperature Lift Energy Conversion

  51. S.P.U.R.S. (Suspension Power Utilization and Recovery System)

  52. Safe, Low-Cost, High-Energy-Density, Solid-State Li-ion Batteries

  53. Segment-Type Energy Harvester

  54. Self-Powered, Switchable Solar Windows

  55. Sensible and Latent Cooling

  56. Separate and/or Combined Sensible and Latent Cooling

  57. Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling System with Chilled Panels

  58. Si-Carbon Nano-Tube (Si-CNT) Composites for Improved Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes

  59. Single Material All Solid-State Lithium-ion Battery

  60. SOFC Anode Material by Flame Spray Pyrolysis

  61. Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Safer Lithium Batteries

  62. Solar Water Heater

  63. Structure for Increasing the Speed of Electroactive Materials

  64. Sub-Bandgap Hot Carrier Solar Cell

  65. Superconductor/Insulator Metal-Oxide Heterostructures for Electric Field Tunable Microwave Devices

  66. Technique for Improving the “Supercapacitance” of Ruthenium Oxide Based Capacitors

  67. Three-Dimensional, Biotemplated Hierarchical Electrodes for Microbattery Applications

  68. Transistor Sensors for Detection of Chemicals and Biomolecules

  69. Ultra Low Emission Colorless Distributed Combustor

  70. Waterfall Cooling and Heating Systems

  71. Wireless Power Transfer Using Superconducting Oscillators

  72. World Gas Model

  73. World’s Highest Energy Density Thin Film Battery