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Yang, Bao

Yang, Bao

Mechanical Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Center for Environmental Energy Engineering
4164D Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building 088


  • Ph.D., (Mechanical Engineering) University of California, Los Angles, 2003
  • Ph.D., (Physics) University of Science and Technology of China, 1998


  • Member - American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Materials Research Society, American Physical Society, International Thermoelectrics Society

Micro/nanoscale thermal transport and energy conversion Thermal science and its applications in electrical engineering, optical engineering, and material science Micro/nano devices MEMS Nanotechnology


  • G. Chen, B. Yang, and W.L. Liu, “Engineering Nanostructures for Energy Conversion”, Chapter 2 in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Microscale and Nanoscale Structures, edited by M. Faghri and B. Sunden.
  • B. Yang and G. Chen, “Partially Coherent Phonon Heat Conduction in Superlattices”, Physical Review B, Vol. 67, pp.195311-195314, 2003. Also selected for the May 19, 2003 issue of the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, http:/www/.vjnano.org.


  • B. Yang, W.L. Liu, J.L. Liu, K.L, Wang, and G. Chen, “Measurements of Anisotropic Thermoelectric Properties in Superlattices”, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 81, pp. 3588-3590, 2002.
  • B. Yang, J.L. Liu, K.L. Wang, and G. Chen, “Simultaneous Measurements of Seebeck Coefficient and Thermal Conductivity across Superlattice”, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 80, pp. 1758-1760, 2002. Also selected for the March 18, 2002 issue of the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, http:/www/.vjnano.org.
  • B. Yang and G. Chen, “A Unified Wave-Particle Treatment for Phonon Transport in Superlattices”, presented at ICT’2002, Proceedings of 21st International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT’02, pp. 306-309.
  • B. Yang, J. L. Liu, K. L. Wang, and G. Chen , “Cross-Plane Thermoelectric Properties in Si/Ge Superlattices”, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Thermoelectric Materials 2001-Research and Applications, Vol. 691, pp.G3.2.1-6, 2002.


  • B. Yang and G. Chen, “Lattice Dynamics Study of Anisotropic Heat Conduction in Superlattices”, Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, Vol. 5, pp. 107-116, 2001.


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